This summer, the government will launch an in-depth review of women’s football in the UK to “achieve greater parity in the men’s game”. Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston has confirmed that the government will launch an in-depth review of women’s national football this summer to help bridge the gap with the men’s game. The study will be independently chaired and supported by an expert advisory board, with DCMS saying it will aim to develop the women’s game at an elite and grassroots level.

Athletic Minister Nigel Huddleston confirmed that the independent study recommended in Tracey Crouch’s review of football management published last November will focus on further development focusing on marketing, spectator support and media interests. The launch follows a fan-led football governance review released last November by MP Tracey Crouch, which recommended that women’s football receive a “women’s football-focused review”. This is followed by the “Enthusiast-led Football Governance Review” published last November by MP Tracey Crouch, which states that women’s football should be “provided for by its dedicated critics.”

The government is expected to release the government response to the review shortly, focusing on men’s football. Following the debacle of the European Super League in recent years, and with more clubs in financial ruin, the UK government will endorse ten ‘key policy recommendations set out in a fan-led review of men’s football in England. Overview of the England football team men’s football in England. Today, the government unveiled its plans for significant reform of the governance of men’s football in England, reaffirming its commitment to fans to ensure the future of the game is sustainable.  MP Tracey Crouch said, “The 2019 World Cup captured the hearts and minds of the nation, and with greater participation, employment and visibility in the media. I am confident that EURO 2022 will inspire more women and girls to get into our national game as we work towards parity across all sports”.

In a statement to the House of Commons, Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston announced that the government had approved the ten items outlined in MP Tracey Crouch’s review of fan-led football governance in November 2021. Key policy recommendations. Improve the financial sustainability and corporate control of all men’s soccer teams and put fans at the centre of decision-making. It’s a big summer for women’s sports ahead of the government’s hosting of Euro 2022 from July 6 to 31, which will be broadcast via the BBC and is expected to examine how to achieve greater equality with men’s games, with a focus on Commercialize, to the audience. Support and media attention. The comments come as the women’s national team prepares for a high-profile summer when England hosts the European Championships and final at Wembley.