Initially, the award ceremony was supposed to start at 15:00. However, due to the lateness of the stars, it was delayed by half an hour. This event was even attended by the former midfielder of the Russian national team, and now the adviser to the President of the RFU, Alexei Smertin, who was “Gentleman of the Year” 20 years ago.

The awarding ceremony began with congratulations to Yuri Zhirkov. This was done by the Soviet footballer, goalkeeper Anzor Kavazashvili, Alexei Smertin and Semi Katvani, the man who made the tuxedo.

– Yuri – you are one of those wonderful footballers, whose name is still resounding in our and European football. You are not only the coolest and greatest football player, but also a wonderful person. You were hit so much in the legs, but you never snapped back. I am very glad that you came with your wife. Let her know that you are very dear to us, – Anzor Kavazashvili turned to Zhirkov.

– You are very stable. As my dad used to say, stability is a sign of skill. You have respect for your partners, for your opponent, you have carried this throughout your career. Thank you for playing! – said Alexey Smertin.

– Yuri – you are a real gentleman. We are very glad that you will wear this suit, “Semi Katwani said.

After that Zhirkov, together with the tailor, went off to put on a tuxedo.

Microphone and Best Brothers

And the awarding ceremony continued with the “Golden Microphone” nomination. Nikolai Dolgopolov, deputy editor-in-chief of Rossiyskaya Gazeta, came out to hand it over. Match TV commentator Konstantin Genich received the Golden Microphone from him.

The commentator congratulated Yuri Zhirkov on his prize, congratulated everyone on the upcoming New Year and commented on his victory in the nomination:

“Thank you, very unexpected. God loves trinity, I have the third reward. For any journalist, this is important, whoever thinks what and how whoever treats her. We will enjoy these prizes for long service ”.

Later, he added with a smile: “There were two microphones, they were bored. Now there will be three of them, we now have a large family from the “Golden Microphones”. Maybe this will allow me to park for free in the capital, like a father with many children. “

Then the president of the Children’s Football League, Viktor Gorlov, appeared on the stage, who was supposed to present the prize to the “Best DFL Player”. The Gafyatulin brothers became the winners of this award. Kamil and Ramil, players of the Lokobol-Russian Railways national team. The brothers began to thank their parents. And they called my father to the stage. He said that his sons love to play ball since childhood.

The Lev Filatov Prize and the long-awaited exit of Yuri Zhirkov

Then they presented the Lev Filatov Prize. It was received for the written book about Fedor Cherenkov, Vladimir Galedin and Igor Rabiner. The prize was presented by the former head of FC “Moscow” Yuri Belous. He remembered how long ago they had played football against Sport-Express. Rabiner remembered with a smile: “I broke you then.” Yuri also noted that many famous journalists gathered at the conference.

– It is very important for me to receive the Lev Ivanovich Filatov prize, because he was my first teacher in the profession. I grew up on his books. For me, there are two real teachers – Lev Ivanovich Filatov and Vladimir Mikhailovich Kuchmiy. I dedicate this prize to both of them, – said Igor Rabiner. After the columnist for Sport-Express, Vladimir Galedin also thanked everyone for the prize.

But Rabiner ended anyway with a quote from Filatov: “The movements of the ball contain the movements of the human soul, it is important for us to remember this.”

Note that even before the awarding of Yuri Zhirkov, the sports department of Komsomolskaya Pravda received a prize from the Fair Play committee.

At 16:30 Yuri Zhirkov appeared in a tuxedo.

– Ooo, another person! – was heard from the audience.

After that, Anzor Kavazashvili handed him the cup and asked: “Yuri, you are obliged to present me a gift by July 19 next year, by my 80th birthday – by winning or joining the leading composition of the European Championship.” “We will try,” Zhirkov joked.

Inna, Yuri’s wife, also commented on the outcome of the award: “Yura is really a gentleman of the year, maybe life, because he is a wonderful father, husband, football player and the best man in the world.

“Thank you for your kind words. Thanks for the brilliant award. I am very pleased that I have received this award. It is very pleasant to be among the worthy players who received this award, such as Hulk and Akinfeev. So it obliges a lot – to be a gentleman off the field and on the field. First time in a tuxedo, never put it on. We sewed it very well, in size, so it was very comfortable, ”Zhirkov said.

Recall that “Gentleman of the Year” is one of the oldest and most respected football awards in the country and bears the name of the legendary Fyodor Cherenkov. Since 1994 the award has been presented by Komsomolskaya Pravda. Since then, many stars of Russian and even world football have become its owners. The first winner of the award was the legendary Fyodor Cherenkov.