Technology in football has long been a familiar thing. The video replay system does not allow a new scandal to break out, and the use of huge screens right at the training bases makes it easier to explain mistakes to the players. The medical headquarters of the clubs are not standing still either. In addition to the fact that medicine in sports has become many times more effective, it also made life much easier for teams with simple “chips”.

Player Tracking System (EPTS)

FIFA partnered with the University of Victoria in Australia a couple of years ago to implement the Footballer Performance Tracking System (EPTS). The possibilities of technology are literally endless: today it helps prevent injury, assess the productivity of each player, and also allows the media and fans to learn a little more about the players.

We saw EPTS at the World Championships in Russia. Each of the players in the tournament had a special beacon attached to the collar of their shirt. This little gadget determined the athlete’s speed, how long he ran, pulse and body temperature. In addition, the sensor remembers the performance in the match by the minute.

The system is used not only for calculating statistics and further analysis of the player’s work, but also allows you to monitor him in real time. The readings from the sensor are transmitted to three devices at once: to the laptop of analysts, the head coach and the team’s doctors. As the match progresses, it becomes clear which of the players is frankly lagging behind the rest, and who is exhausted and on the verge of injury. Plus, along with statistics, video from cameras at the stadium is broadcast to specialist devices with a thirty-second delay. Some of this data was freely available and broadcasted to viewers right during the games.

Superhero uniform

Super-streamlined boots that can make Cristiano Ronaldo out of the champion of your yard are already reality, and not the story of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. In addition to the usual boots, British scientists are developing special football shields with touch sensors. They will be able to record the force of the blow and save information on the basis of which the judges will make decisions about violations, and the doctors will draw conclusions about the severity of the injury.

This is not the whole possible arsenal of a future football player. The shape of the players is already being created for the climatic and physiological characteristics of the athletes. You probably felt it when you tried on new outfits in the store from the leading clothing companies. American Under Armor is about to go even further. The company is developing an innovative form with built-in sensors that will allow the club’s medical staff to monitor the player’s condition during the match and prevent possible injuries.

Barcelona DNA

“I have royal dignity in my DNA,” rapper Kendrick Lamar broadcast in one of his most famous tracks. Barcelona does not have “royal” DNA, but this does not prevent it from pursuing the so-called “Catalan DNA”. On the basis of “blue-garnet” there is a whole research center, which employs 16 people, whose activity is scientific research. Part of this research is aimed at identifying the characteristics of the legendary Barcelona players at the genetic level. This is done in order to maximize the percentage of future successful transfers.

This is not all. It feels like Barcelona are a few steps ahead of the rest. According to the Financial Times, each of the Catalans has a chip implanted to track the degree of fatigue, thus avoiding serious injury. It is not known how Messi agreed to this, but football greatness requires sacrifice.

The most unusual development in the making is the sensor robe. Barça wants to keep track of their players not only on the pitch, but also during their sleep. The robe will record and transmit all information received while the athletes are sleeping. The Catalans are definitely taking world football to a new level.

Southampton app

Southampton was one of the first to recognize the importance of medical data security. The club signed an agreement with BridgeHead, an information base management and storage company. With the help of the server created by the developers, doctors, players and coaches will be able to safely and quickly exchange information. The independent clinical archive of the HealthStore company will become this very repository of all the data of football players, such as the results of ultrasound, MRI, and will also allow medical personnel to access them from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Infrared heater “Bavaria”

At home against Hannover, Bayern tried out a new invention – an infrared panel on the bench. In front of it, the Germans set up a long metal plane covered with a banner. This new heating system uses infrared light to keep the legs and feet of the substitute players comfortable. The idea behind the device is to prevent injury by keeping the muscles of the players warm while they are sitting on the bench. Similar systems have also recently been installed at PSG and Manchester City stadiums.

The trial of the invention was authorized by sports director Hasan Salihamidzic at the request of fitness head coach Holger Broich. The author of this device is also a native of Bavaria – former player and coach Dieter Wirsching. As Dieter himself said, Thomas Müller inspired him to create this panel: “Last year I saw a review of the Bundesliga on TV, where Müller, huddled in the cold, was caught in the frame. I could not get this picture out of my head and began to solve the problem. “